Let’s Talk 2015 Challenges

For some reason unknown to my sanity, I have decided to participate in 14 blogging challenges this year.  I obviously have a competitive problem, but I didn’t try for high levels in the challenges, so hopefully they won’t stress me out.  But I am excited because I think they will add a new level to blogging, so I think it will be fun.  Here are the challenges I’ll be doing, and I’ll be updating my Challenge Page through the year if you want to stop by and check out my progress. 

Audiobook Challenge: Hosted by The Book Nympho

I’ve always got an audiobook going in the car and one for as a fall asleep, so this seems like the perfect challenge.  I’m going to shoot for Stenographer- 10-15.  I know I listen to at least one book a month so this seems manageable, especially with all the other challenges I’m doing.

Flights of Fantasy hosted by Alexa Loves Books

 I’m only challenging myself to 15 true Fantasy books, since I’m trying to breakout from my typical a little more.  But honestly, I’ll probably read way more than that.

Alphabet Soup hosted by Escape with dollycas

I’m going with the plan A where I fill in the Alphabet as I go.  26 books, each a letter of the alphabet.

Series Enders Reading Challenge Hosted by Sandy Farmer

I think I’m aiming for 5 series this year.  I might finish more, but I feel like 5 is the don’t stress level.

Debut Author Challenge hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

12 Debut authors in 12 months.  Very doable.  And thankfully I have a Top Ten Tuesday on 2015 Debut Authors coming up, so my list will be ready.

The official TBR 2015 Challenge hosted by Roof Beam Reader

And here’s my 12 books I’m getting of my TBR list

  1. Bitterblue
  2. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  3. The Messenger
  4. The Son
  5. The Raven Boys
  6. Stephen King on Writing
  7. Grave Mercy
  8. Cinder
  9. The Demon King
  10. Alice in Zombieland
  11. The Girl of Fire and Thorns
  12. Shadow and Bone

  1. Reading Challenge Addict Hosted by the Reading Challenge AddictReading Challenge Addict

As you can see, I’ve got quite a few challenges going on.

Full House Reading Challenge hosted by Book Date

Bingo card!  That makes everything fun!


Authors A-Z Hosted by Samantha-lin

Same thing as alphabet soup, but matching authors instead.

Book Blog Discussion challenge hosted by Feed Your Fiction Addiction

I’m committing to 12 Discussion posts.  Have no thoughts past that.

Book Blog Organization Challenge Hosted by The Book Addict’s Guide

So many things to do on this one, but I’m excited.

2015 Reading Challenge Hosted by Popsugar

A Checklist, almost as fun as a bingo card!


Bookish Resolution Challenge hosted at Because Reading

Because reading is better than real life
  1. Read 60 Books
  2. Read at least one book outside my usual genres a month
  3. Get through the TBR Books I curentlly own-
  4. Finish at least 5 Bookish Challenges this year
  5. Orginize my books

So these is what I’m doing this year, what about you? 


  1. Kathryn@Book Date says:

    Thanks for including Full House Reading Challenge and all the best for enjoying them all. I am taking part in some of these too. I joined the discussion one which I am not sure how I will go. Only committed to 5!

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