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Rating System

So I have this weird way of rating Books.  Depending on how much I like the story will determine what format I own something in.  If I buy a discount paperback but really love the book, I’ll go re-buy it in Hardback.   So if you want to know how much I like something you just have to find it on my shelves.  The translation is below:


Hardback – Loved it. I want a beautiful hardback with dust jacket displayed on my bookshelves.

Paperback-  Liked it.  I’ll keep this one in my collection.

Under $5-  I was OK.  If it I found it for $5 or less I’d buy it for my collection.

Borrow It- Worth a read if you have nothing else on your shelf, but don’t spend money on it.

Don’t Bother- Not worth the time.


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