Recently Reread: The Elite

Recently Reread

The Elite (The Selection, #2)

The Eliet by Kira Cass| website| twitter| instagram|

Publisher/Year:  HarperTeen | April 23, 2013

Pages: 336

Audiobook Publisher/Year: Harper Audio | April 23, 2013

Read By: Amy Rubinate

Time: 7 Hours and 42 Minutes

Series: The Selection book 2 of 5

Genre:  YA Dystopia/Romance

Format: Audiobook

Source: Overdrive through Cincinnati Library

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What I remembered

I apparently remembered nothing of this book.  

Why I Chose to reread

You can’t start the series and not finish it.  So once my hold came through I started right away.  

Thoughts (take 2)

Let’s just say this book lives up to every other second book I’ve read.  I has a lot of character development and the drama that goes with it.  I found myself wanting to punch everyone in the face and say “will you just be honest with each other?”  All the memorable scenes I remember wind up happening in book 3, and this one was just a lot of “Why are you so stupid!”  

I wish I had the physical books, because I would double check where it ended so I don’t spoil anything, but I don’t.  I went straight into The One  and of course don’t remember where the stories divide, so this is all I can safely say.  

Then and now

I would say after a reread of the series, this is my least favorite, which is just par for the course as second books go.  It was really a lot of drama and stupid decisions that made me question why I liked the books in the first place.  Thankfully, there is a third book that makes up for things.

Worth the Reread?

Yes.  This is one of those series that are easy to read, so I’ll probably reread them again.


I would say paperback on this one, even though I love the series as a whole.  It really is a well writing book.  That’s why it drives me so crazy.  If it wasn’t done well, I just would have thrown the book across the room and have been done with it.

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