Review: Girl Talk

Girl Talk: Unsolicited Advice for Modern LadiesGirl Talk by Christie Young

Publisher/Year: Potter style | August 26, 2014

Pages: 176

Series: Stand Alone

Genre: Humor, Essays

Format: Hardback ARC

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I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  That did not sway my opinion in the least.

Summary (From Goodreads)

Combining etiquette tips with true stories from her own not always quite together life, Christie Young proves herself to be adept around managing life’s vicissitudes. Whether you seek advice on handling running out of booze during the holidays or running into your ex on the subway, Girl Talk offers the keys to coping in a world bereft of rhyme or reason.

Let’s talk about:

  • Realizing you look exactly like your boyfriend’s sister
  • Overthinking text messages and analyzing emoticons
  • Looking calm in a bar alone (without the help an iPhone)
  • Accidentally stealing something from the farmer’s market
  • Choosing between getting to work on time or showering
  • Responding to a sexy text your uncle meant to send to his girlfriend
  • Organizing your wardrobe, from crop tops to bolo ties
  • Handling a roommate who rents out your living room to strangers
  • Kicking your Netflix sci-fi marathon habit

And much, much more.

First Off…

This is another cover love moment for me.  Loved the look of it, and the summer seemed intriguing and like it would address the ironically humorous parts of life, so I signed up.


This is a very quick read, kind of how you would read a comic book, because the whole thing is illustrated.  It walks through a lot of moments that hit everyone as they enter adulthood, and I did find myself laughing at things here and there that I had experienced as well.  Girl talk is split into 6 sections:

talk of the town- Moving out on your own

home girl- Setting up your first place

body talk- taking care of yourself and loving yourself for who you are

friends and family- navigating changing relationship

love line- Dating and sex talks

talk it out- misc

I related so much to the first two parts of the book, remembering the first time I was fully on my own, how much I didn’t realize went into keeping up with a house.  It made me appreciate all the things I never realized my parents did.

Body talk was appreciated because it reminds you life is too short to worry about size.

I didn’t really find love line entertaining, but I believe there are parts of life that should remain private, that being one, so I typically don’t enjoy “tell all” moments.

The thing that threw me off though, is I thought it was going to be humorous advice on navigating the unknown’s when it comes to moving out on your own.  Really it was more just a list of things that will happen, and less about how to handle them.

Overall it’s a decent read.  It’s the kind of book I would give as an addition to my real gift, not just gift on it’s own.   And it’s definitely for the girl starting life on her own for the first time, I may have enjoyed it more when I got my first place in 2009 rather than now being a seasoned homeowner and renter.


10 Second Summary:

  1. It’s highlight of decisions for adulthood:  The audience in mind are girls that are venturing out on their own for the first time and addressing decisions and situations they may not be aware of.
  2. Very Relatable:  The Author has wrote the book as though you’re just sitting down and talking through life.  And the illustrations are well done and entertaining.
  3. It’s peppered with strong language and sex talks:  If this makes you uncomfortable, or the person you’re giving this book too would be uncomfortable, best skip this one.

Check the Shelf2

I thought it was ok.  If it was $5 or less I might pick up a copy to give friend that would appreciate that kind of humor.

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